Thetford Tecma Silence Plus Toilet Won’t Fill

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My Tecma Silence Plus toilet would not fill after flushing.

Just got back from a short trip in the RV.  At the end of day one, I noticed that the toilet flushed, the macerator operated, but the bowl would not fill back up with water.  A little water trickled in, but that was it.  I tried to re program the water level to no avail.  Fortunately, my rig has a bath and a half, so we didn’t need to hit an outhouse.

This morning I called Thetford support.  The gentleman that answered was very personable and certainly patient.  I explained the problem and he told me that I probably had a water flow issue.  He explained that there is a screen in the water line just before the fill solenoid and that it may be plugged up.

Armed with that knowledge, I looked behind the toilet.  Everything is very easily accessed.  I unscrewed the waterline fitting where it enters the solenoid.  It was absolutely plugged up with stuff coming in through the waterline.

I found the screen exactly where he described.  I didn’t need too, but I took the entire valve out, one hose clamp, an electrical plug, and the screw on fitting I described above.  Simple, even for me.  I took it all into the house, cleaned it out, washed it thoroughly and put it all back together.  It’s working wonderfully again, just like it was designed to do.

A very simple fix to a very big problem.  Didn’t spend a dime, even the telephone call was toll free.

The toilet has a built in macerator and is operated by a push button or a two push button electric wall mounted switch.  The entire operation is electric, so when you push the button, it automatically adds more water to the bowl, then a valve opens allowing the contents into the macerator and then on to the holding tank.  Then the bowl refills itself to a preset level, just like a toilet in your house.  Apparently the nice part is that the toilet does not have to be located over the top of the holding tank.

Finally, I can’t say enough about the support from Thetford!

Oh, one last thing and in all caps…… TURN OFF THE WATER PUMP BEFORE YOU START.

5 comments to Thetford Tecma Silence Plus Toilet Won’t Fill

  • JOHN

    HI I have thw same system my probelm is when i fill the poddy the water runs right back out , and can not flush

  • John,
    My problem was that the water would not flow IN….. It sounds to me like you have the macerator valve stuck open letting the fill water drain unabated into the blackwater tank. You may want to check that the valve is actually closing. It is not difficult to work on these toilets if you know where to look. The auto fill feature should put and hold water in the toilet bowl.

  • JOHN

    NOPE fill it with auto filler and when i stop the water runs out ,



  • Thanks for posting. Have you resolved your problem yet? If you have, would you take a moment to post what was done to fix the problem please.

    You say that your toilet won’t flush….what does it do when you push the button? Are you seeing either a green light or a red light on the flush button? When you push the button, can you hear the macerator pump at all?